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What’s In My Cart!

What’s In My Cart!

What's In My Cart

Clothing Details

1. Espadrilles
2. T-Shirt
3. Pink Twist Sweatshirt
4. Pink Dress
5. Yellow Jeans
6. Nude Pumps
7. Jean Shorts
8. Black Swimsuit
9. Heat Protectant

Who’s celebrating Valentine’s Day tonight? Unfortunately, Bobby has to work today and doesn’t get off work until 6p (if he’s lucky). Instead of trying to rush to go out to dinner we decided to do our Valentine’s Day tomorrow when he has the day off. We still don’t have any set plans but we do have a list of a bunch of restaurants that we have never been to. I think we will pick one of the restaurants from that list and try a new one! We both love trying new restaurants.

I am seriously getting the itch for spring. We finally have a sunny (yet, still cold) day here in Michigan, but this sun is seriously getting me in the mood. I suddenly want to start spring cleaning and get ready for our big move. I am trying my best to purge as much as possible so that we don’t have as much stuff to move. Any other tips and tricks on moving? I have done many moves in my life. From moving to a different apartment in the same complex to moving from California to Pennsylvania. I’d like to think that I am pretty much a pro, but this move is seriously stressing me out. It’s not that we don’t have the space for stuff, but I think it’s because this is my first time moving my entire family. All the other moves were just me, now I have other people to move as well and I am feeling a little overwhelmed. *Deep breaths* I got this and I feel totally blessed for having the opportunity to move into my dream home. I will make it through!

Anyways, I put together a few things that are sitting in my carts that I intend on purchasing (not at once, of course). I thought I’d share because a few of these will likely be my spring/summer staples. I hope you enjoy!!

Love, Chelsea Lynn

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