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Valentine Inspiration

Valentine Inspiration


1. Valentine’s Day Mug (Another Cute Option)
2. Red Sweatshirt (Similar)
3. Heart Pillow (Similar)
4. Red Hunter Boots (Similar)
5. Necklace (Similar)
6. Pajamas (Similar)

Anyone else get WAY more into holidays after they had kids? Before having Lincoln holidays were never a big deal to me. Especially holidays like Valentine’s Day. Sure, it meant I was getting a guaranteed date night out, but it wasn’t anything to celebrate. Now, I just want to go all out for all the holidays (hello Target dollar section!). I get unreasonably excited for all the new holiday stuff in Target’s dollar section. They always have the best little things for toddlers. This year I plan on putting together a little Valentine bucket for Lincoln filled with little Valentine trinkets and chocolates. I also bought the red sweatshirt in today’s post to wear for the special day. For Lincoln, I bought him THIS super cute Valentine shirt. I can’t wait to wear them together and be twinsies for the day! All we need is for Bobby to join in on the party with a shirt of his own. Anyone have good rec’s on good men’s Valentine shirts? Of course, Bobby and I still plan on doing a date night out, just not on actual Valentine’s Day because he has to work :(.

I still plan on posting all of the new house deets ASAP. If only we could move in! We are waiting on some inspections to be done and the inspector has been out with the flu for a week now, so we are a bit behind. Hoping he feels better soon and can get out to our new house and approve everything! I am super excited to share everything with everyone, but please be patient with me as we are making all the changes. House posts are coming soon, I promise!

Love, Chelsea Lynn

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