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Valentine Gift Guide for Him

Valentine Gift Guide for Him

1. “What I Love About You” journal $13.39

2. Swell Bottle $35

3. AncestryDNA $69

4. Harry’s Razors $15-$25

5. Northface E-Tip Gloves $40

6. Meat Book $27.49

7. Men’s Satchel Bag $39.99

8. Shoes $149.95

9. Etched Globe Decanter $59.99

Still haven’t quite decided what to get him for Valentine’s Day? Well, I have a few ideas for you! There’s a little something for every kind of guy here. Firstly, let’s talk about this journal. Want to impress your man with something super romantic and thoughtful? This is it. It’s a journal with tons of questions that you respond to. There is space after each question for you to write your answer and once you’re finished, it’s a journal filled with the sweetest thoughts about your loving guy. Some of the questions include “As I got to know you, I became more interested because…” and “Every day, I am grateful that you helped me…” It’s a super sweet idea and one that I think any guy would love to get from their girl. Talk about feeling appreciated!

Secondly, this water bottle. Not going to lie, I already got this for Bobby for Christmas and he has used it every day since. He was telling me that he had put some ice water in it and then accidentally left it at work over night for 24 hours. He came back the next day and the ice was still in it! So this thing really keeps your drinks cold, not to mention, how perfect is the wood looking exterior?

On to this DNA testing. Kind of different, but I think it would be such a cool gift. I have always wanted to try this, but haven’t actually pulled the trigger yet. I just think it would be super cool to find out what you’re all made of. I have been told my entire life that I am very German. But what if I did the test and it came back that I am something completely different?!? I think it would just be super fun.

Next are Harry’s Razors. Cheap razors that actually work? Count me in (and your guy)! Bobby swears by his Harry’s razor blades. He’s been using them for a couple years now with zero complaints. What a perfect gift for the guy that wants to keep that facial hair in check!

Let’s face it, while we have had a few warm days recently (and by warm I mean a whopping 50 degrees) in Michigan, we are certainly in for much colder temps outside still. That’s why these gloves are perfect. They are the perfect driving glove. They’ll keep his hands warm while scraping off the car and then when he gets in to drive, he can still use his phone without taking them off. They have the E-Tip in the pointer finger and thumb so that your touch screen phone can pick up the touches. Super comfortable and convenient!

How many ladies out there have a meat man? I sure do! For past Valentine’s Day’s he has received a smoker and then a book on smoking meat. This Meat book would be perfect for those guys who are into their meat. It not only provides some awesome recipes but it also tells you how to prepare, cut, and cook the meat. This is a win win. He learns to cook the perfect meal for you!

This bag is so stylish! I love it! This is perfect for your work-a-holic man who has to commute with his laptop and other items. Heck, this could even be used as a manly diaper bag. It comes in several colors, so you’re sure to find one that will be perfect. He will be impressing all of his co-workers with this trendy piece!

These shoes. Enough said, but really, these are perfect. The brown leather gives them a more formal appearance but the rubber sole adds that casual look. These shoes are perfect for date night or a night on the town. He will be super stylish while still being uber comfortable. I am thinking that this just may be the perfect Valentine gift for Bobby. He’s the type that will not buy himself nice shoes. Any other ladies have a man like that?

Last, but certainly not least, this world etched decanter. This is another one that I already bought for Bobby for Christmas. He was super impressed, to say the least. It even has a glass ship on the inside. This is one of those pieces that will impress any and all guests that you may have over. Pour some nice whiskey in it and put it out for display until hosting, and you’ve got the perfect piece.

I hope these gifts were helpful. And if you have any other great ideas, please feel free to share.

Love, Chelsea Lynn

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