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Smile Direct Club Review

Smile Direct Club Review


I’m getting real here…

So, if you know me in real life, you probably know that I am kind of obsessed with perfect teeth. I was made fun of for my teeth since I was young. Not that I had super crooked teeth but it was my canine teeth on top. They were super pointy and I was often called a vampire. Today, that could have been kind of cool, but at 16 I had them shaved down. While they were still rather pointy, they were better than they were. I had braces my freshman year of high school and after that I had pretty perfect teeth. However, I made the mistake of not wearing my retainers. My teeth crowded and low and behold, they went back to their original state. (PSA: wear your retainers!) I began feel envious of everyone that had perfectly straight teeth and wanted them so badly. My ideal would be to get porcelain veneers, but they are $$$. My next thought was Invisalign. Again, pretty pricy but they was my ideal choice, until I found out about Smile Direct Club. I did a lot of researching on this company and read countless reviews and realized that this was definitely the best option for me. They are incredibly similar to Invisalign with the biggest different being the cost. Around $2,000 instead of around $6,000 for Invisalign. Another big different was that I didn’t have to see a dentist or orthodontist for this to be done. They mail you an impression kit, you send it back and then they create a plan for you. Mine came back with a 6 months plan. In addition they have a virtual model of how your teeth will move and what they will look like when you’ve have completed your treatment.

I am not in my 7th aligner and just over half way done (I have a total of 13 trays) so I feel like it is time I give a review. So far, I have had a good experience. No real serious pain, just a lot of pressure when I put in a new aligner every two weeks. I think the worst part of this process is the lack of snacking that I am able to do. I am a serious snacker. However, it is recommended to wear the trays for 22 hours a day. So, no more snacking. It is definitely hard to get to that 22 hours. I am pretty good about it, but there are definitely days where I have done maybe 18. Another issue I had to get used to was brushing my teeth every time I was putting my aligners back in. Yes, that means brushing in public bathrooms. Get used to the side eyes but it’s better than massive cavities from putting the aligners back on and trapping in food particles.

*Just as an FYI, I did go to my dentist prior to starting to get my teeth cleaned and be sure I had no cavities. This is HIGHLY recommended by SDC.

There was also that one time where I couldn’t find my current aligners and was convinced that my dog ate them. I had to contact the company and order a new set for my week 4’s for $99. That kind of sucked. Especially when 2 days later, I found them in the pocket of my sweatshirt (not chewed by the dog). Wupsies! Although, I did have good experience with customer service. Easy to get in touch with by using the messenger service on their website.

If you sign up on their website stating that your interested but not yet order, they will send you emails with incentives. I waited until I got an email with half off the impressions and a whitening light and whitening gel. I suggest doing that because not everyone gets the whitening kit. They also send you THE BEST chapstick ever. Trust me on this, you will be addicted. Mine is pretty much gone but I am trying to get out all that I can. Fingers crossed that if I request another one they will send it.

In conclusion, I am happy with this process so far and at this point, I highly recommend SDC. Here’s hoping that my experience continues to go well and my teeth go back to their post-braces location.

Smile Direct Club

Love, Chelsea Lynn

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