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On Wednesday’s, We Wear Pink

On Wednesday’s, We Wear Pink

Pink Tank

Blue Strip Pants

Blue Stripe Pant

Lincoln Kisses

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Tank: HERE! (Similar) (Similar)
Pants: HERE! (Similar) (Similar)
Shoes: HERE! (Similar) (Similar)
Bracelet: HERE!

Oh, what I would give to have weather like this again. We had a 60 degree day and while it was super windy, it was so nice! Now, we have snow on the ground again. That’s Michigan for ya. I am totally in love with this outfit and cannot wait to wear it again when it officially warms up. Anyone else have problems with wrinkles (or folds) in their close that they order online? I ordered two of these tanks, in pink and white, and both of them have the crease across the front that I CANNOT get out. I’ve tried washing and irons and it is one stubborn crease. So, there it is and there it shall stay. Other than that, these tanks are a perfect staple piece. Whether by themselves or under a sweater or blazer, they’re perfection. But, let’s really focus on these pants. Another winner from Old Navy! I’m trying to add to my “pants other than jeans” collection and these fit the bill perfectly. And they’re so cute!! The blue and white stripe will be perfect for both spring and summer. They the fit is perfect and true to size. Not to mention, they are currently ON SALE. So run and get a pair for yourself.

On to some more exciting news….WE ARE IN THE PROCESS OF MOVING!!! You heard that correctly, we finally closed on the new house and are starting to move in. Official move date is March 23rd but until then I have been making a trip or two a day to the new house with a car full of stuff. I am trying to put stuff away as I go so that come the 23rd we are not living in a house full of boxes and clutter. Anyone who knows me know that I absolutely cannot stand clutter. I’m hoping my plans work. I will start posting pics soon!

I hope you all have a fabulous rest of the week and that the weekend comes quickly. Until next time!

Love, Chelsea Lynn

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