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New House Update

New House Update

As most of you know, for the last (almost) year, we have been in the long and slow process of building a house. We purchased land last March and since then it has been a rollercoaster ride of excitement, disappointment, impatience and all the other fun that goes along with building a home. We are finally nearing the end and should be moving in within the next month and are getting super excited (and still very impatient). We were initially told that the house would be finished in October, so you can see where we would get a little frustrated with the pace of the build. Nonetheless, we can’t wait to move in and get settled into our new and forever home. I am most excited to decorate and plan to share that whole adventure with you all. I recently met with our decorator to begin planning out ideas and the direction that I would like to take with the decor of the home. I couldn’t be more happy to work with the designer we have chosen because she is a great listener and doesn’t push me to do something that I won’t be comfortable with, yet she introduces me to things that I wouldn’t have thought of.

Anyways, I thought I would share the first pictures of home. Obviously we have a ways to go in decorating and filling the home to make it…well, a home! I hope you enjoy and I can’t wait to show you more as we go along.


PENDANT LIGHTS above island

For the kitchen, we knew we wanted a white kitchen. I am a firm believer in white looking clean (even though when you get up close, it is usually far from it). However, white just seems to make the room brighter and open. I plan to add pops of color throughout. We went with quartz countertops, shaker cabinets, and engineered hardwood in hickory. Engineered hardwood was a better option for us than actual hardwood because we have two dogs and a toddler. The engineered hardwood just stands up against scratches and dents so much better, not to mention it is a lot cheaper. It looks very, very real in person so there is no qualm there.

Eat-In Kitchen
White Kitchen
PENDANT LIGHT in eat-in kitchen

We chose to add an eat-in kitchen within out kitchen. Having a spot for us to sit and eat right next to the kitchen was a must. It’s the place where guests will hang out while dinner is being prepared.

Formal Dining
Formal Dining
PENDANT LIGHT in formal dining

We also chose to add a formal dining area off of the living area. We are big into hosting and we both have big families, so having a large area where everyone can sit down to eat was crucial for us. Bobby is in the process of building the formal dining table and I can’t wait to put it into this space.

Half Bath
Half Bath
Paint Color: “In The Navy” by Sherwin Williams

I LOVE my navy bathroom. This was definitely something that I have been wanting for a while. I have been longing to pain a room or a bathroom navy blue. I think it just looks so good! I was hesitant on painting an actual room navy blue in the house because the rooms are so bright and light that I didn’t want to take that away with a darker paint color. I figured for the half bath, why not? And I am so happy that I did.

Living Room

The main floor living space. This will be the first room furnished and decorated as this is the first room you see when walking in. I am in love with the floor to ceiling windows and all the light that is let in.

Play Room
Play Room
LIGHT FIXTURE in hearth room

This is what is called a “hearth room.” AKA, our future play room. It shares a look through fireplace with the living space on the other side. I am so excited to have a room that is designated for toys and for Lincoln to play in. I’ll just be able to close the door and the mess is gone! Right now, we have toys strews everywhere as we don’t really have a designated play area in our current house.

Master Bedroom

Our bedroom!! I cannot wait to spend nights snuggled in bed with the fireplace on. It’s a dream come true! We went with a gray tile in the bedroom. Originally, we wanted a gray washed wood, but we couldn’t find it. So, we ended with tile. Yes, it is cold, but we plan to put a nice area rug under the bed. In addition, I ALWAYS wear slippers. As in, you will rarely, if ever, see me in my house barefoot or with just socks on.

Master Bathroom

One of the biggest priorities for the master bath was two separate sinks. Bobby and I cannot stand sharing a sink, and right now, we share the tiniest little sink that ever existed. I couldn’t be more excited to have my own space for all of my own stuff. Additionally, hello bathtub. I will be spending many, many hours soaking in that tub while watching The Bachelor.

Master Shower

Yes, oh, yes. Two shower heads. Because why not??


As I said earlier, we love to entertain. Enter, the basement. This place will be THE main hangout when we entertain in the future. We plan to add a big sectional sofa, a pool table, and there is a spacious bar off to the side that isn’t finished yet (pictures to come later). We cannot wait to invite our friends over to relax and watch some sports in the space.

I hope you enjoyed the first little tour of the new house. I can’t wait to share this journey with you all. And please, always feel free to give tips, tricks, and advice on decorating!

Love, Chelsea Lynn

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