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My Total Mom Fail

My Total Mom Fail

You guys, mom-ing is hard. Not that this should be news to anyone, but I am always amazed at the new challenges I face, and that’s just with one little guy.

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As most of you know, Lincoln is an only child for the moment. He is three years old and he had his first day of pre-school last Tuesday. Now, I am a planner and boy did I do everything I could to plan for this day. For this day to go super smooth. And I completely FAILED. I’ll start at the beginning…We had to do drop off at 7:50am. Now, Lincoln is not an early riser, so the night before when he fell asleep in the car at 6pm was what I thought, a God send. We were able to transfer him to bed as soon as soon as we got home and I thought “Perfect. He will wake bright and chipper at 6am.” WRONG. He woke up at 4:30. 4:30 in the morning, you guys. And he was ready to go. I let him watch a little bit of morning cartoons before I barely dragged myself out of bed. Getting ready went smoothly, we were able to take some pictures and then off to drop the big man off at his first day of school. Drop off went great. He’s a super independent and outgoing little guy, so there were no tears or fear when we left. Great! I thought I had it in the bag. I didn’t.

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Here’s how the rest of his day went…
1. I forgot to send his nap mat. He is in school from 8am-3pm and they take naps…on their nap mats. But he didn’t have his so he had to sleep on the carpet.
2. He not only pee’d his pants, but pooped his pants as well. Two separate incidents. Thank goodness his school asks you to send two spare outfits.
3. I forgot his water bottle. Just didn’t send it at all.
4. I sent a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in his lunch. Now-a-days, that’s a no-no. I wasn’t even thinking. I knew better too, but in my stressed induced state of worrying if I would be judged that his applesauce pouch was not organic, I didn’t think about the peanut butter.
Needless to say, when I picked him up and the teacher told me he had not one, but two accidents, I felt pretty bad. Then she handed me a letter that reiterated that this was a “nut-free” school, I felt worse. When I got home and opened Lincoln’s lunch box, I found a note that said that peanut butter was not allowed, I fell even lower. And then Lincoln proceeded to tell me how sad he was at nap time because he had to sleep on the carpet, I hit my bottom. Yup. I had completely failed my child on such an important day.
But, you guys, he lived. And he went back the following Thursday and had zero accidents, napped on his nap mat, had his water bottle and ate a turkey and cheese sandwich for lunch. I guess what I am getting at (and I had to learn from experience) is that you’re going to fail at this mom thing. I am learning how to do this mom thing too. It was my first day of pre-school too! And the kid, they’re going to be just fine. Lincoln loves school and a week later, he doesn’t even remember all the crap that happened on that first day. So, don’t beat yourself up like I did. Kiss your kiddo and promise to do better and move on.

Love, Chelsea Lynn

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Super side note, in case you’re still reading…our dog in the picture of me and Lincoln passed away on Monday. It sucks. She was the best.

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