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My Top 5 Amazon Repurchases

My Top 5 Amazon Repurchases

If you’re anything like me, Amazon is a lifeline. From random household items, child necessities (hello, diapers!), or last minute gifts through Prime, I am a longtime user of Amazon and will continue to do so. I have found some of my favorite products through Amazon and getting them delivered to my door is a major convenience. With that said, I thought that I would share some of my favorite and most repurchased items from Amazon. I hope that you all enjoy and find some new gems for yourself!

1. TYLER Glam Wash Laundry Detergent, in DIVA Scent

This stuff smells AMAZING! Seriously, it is dreamy and whenever I have guests, they always ask what I have washed the towels and sheets in. I only wash the towels and sheets in this because the smell is pretty strong (and lasts a long time too). I don’t think Bobby would appreciate smelling like this Diva scent, but he sure does enjoy crawling into bed when there are freshly washed sheets with this scent. This is my #1 repurchased item.

2. Aspen Bay Jar Volcano Candle

Again, with another scent that is amazing. I always love walking into spaces and being able to smell this candle. Alone, without being lit, the candle is pretty strong. But when it’s lit, it fills the whole room. This is one candle that both Bobby and I agree on that is one of our favorites. We both have different tastes in candles, but both agree on this one, so it is regularly repurchased. And, not going to lie, when the candle burns out, I scoop the leftover wax out and put it in my wax melter.

3. 100% Kauai Ground Coffee in Coconut Caramel Crunch

I am a little embarrassed to admit, but I just recently started drinking coffee in the last 6 months. I know, I know. I really should have been drinking this magical drink when I was in nursing school. Late nights would have been so much easier. Anywho, I was introduced to this coffee by my little sister who was introduced to it in Hawaii. Her and her hubby brought this stuff home from their honeymoon and then gifted it to me for Christmas. I was HOOKED! Seriously, this stuff is amazing and addicting. This coming from someone who hated coffee for 30 years. It’s that good.

4. Native Jefferson Slip-On Sneaker

I’ll be honest, I am in love with these shoes for Lincoln. We are on our third summer purchasing these and I will continue to buy them every summer (in multiple colors) for as long as he lets me. We got red/white and blue/glow-in-the-dark this year. Not only are they SO cute and versatile, but they wash so easily. They are all rubber, no fabric on them whatsoever. So when Lincoln decides that it’s a good idea to jump into a massive puddle, no worries! They are super easy to clean (just a little soap and water) and scrub in the sink. They don’t get stinky, but I also wipe the soles of them with a little rubbing alcohol every couple weeks. I always recommend these shoes to all of my mommy friends because of how easy they are. Super easy to slip on, so much so that Lincoln is able to get them on by himself. So, if you are in the market for some toddler shoes (they come in adult too!), I highly recommend these.

5. Star Sky Night Lamp

Yes, this has been purchased multiple times from Amazon. This is our go-to toddler birthday gift. I had purchased one of these for Lincoln last winter and he LOVED it, and so did I. Both Bobby and I seriously considered buying one for our own room. They are so soothing to just watch the stars and moon go around. Lincoln can’t fall asleep without his on. And everyone that we have given this to as a gift have also raved about it. So, if you’re looking for your next birthday party gift, this is a true winner.

I hope these all gave you some good ideas on your next Amazon purchases and maybe introduced you to some new addictions.

Love, Chelsea Lynn

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