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My Little Valentine

My Little Valentine

My Outfit
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Lincoln’s Outfit
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It’s that time of the year! While I really dislike this cold weather, the holidays this time of year are definitely worth celebrating. I love getting into all of the holidays now that I have a kid. It gives us something exciting and fun to do to celebrate. And what’s better than some holiday shirts? To be honest, I never really thought red was my color. In addition to this sweatshirt, I have one other shirt in my closet that is red. However, I am slowly starting to come around to it. I think it has to do with my hatred of the color orange. For whatever reason, I can’t stand it. You won’t find anything of that color in my closet or decorating my house. Any who, Lincoln really likes getting into the holiday’s too (especially if it involves a balloon). He will not stop talking about the balloon and he is still playing with it non-stop. Now I know how to get him to pose for pictures! We really did have a good time doing this shoot together, despite the cold. He is becoming quite the shmoozer in front of the camera. I have loved watching is personality develop over these last several months. This is such a fun age!

Stay tuned for more fun outfits and even more house posts soon!

Love, Chelsea Lynn

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