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Mom Uniform

Mom Uniform

Outfit Details

Shirt: (Similar) (Long sleeve version)

Jeans: Exact (Similar) (Similar)

Shoes: Exact (Similar)

All you mommies out there know that finding a comfortable outfit to chase the kiddos around in that is also stylish can be a tough balance. I typically end up in leggings, a loose t-shirt and a baseball hat, but when I can, I try to look a little bit more put together than that. This outfit is the perfect balance. A loose tee embellished with some super cute gems and some baggy, boyfriend style jeans are my go-to when I need to step things up. I added my favorite Target heels again to spice things up a little bit. While they are still heels, they aren’t too high that I can’t keep up with my little (at least for now). For me, when I wear my heels, I feel just a little bit better about myself and not just in my typical mom uniform. Hopefully I am not alone in this! Of course there are days that I miss being able to spend all the time I want to put together my outfit, do my makeup and hair and get ready for the day, but I wouldn’t trade those days for any of the short showers, quick makeup, last minute outfits and messy buns/pony tails that I have today.

Love, Chelsea Lynn

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