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Falling for Florals

Falling for Florals

Green Floral Shirt

Black Purse

Green Floral Shirt

Outfit Details

Shirt: HERE! (Similar) (Similar)
Jeans: HERE! (Similar) (Super Similar)
Shoes: HERE! (Similar) (Similar)
Purse: HERE! (Similar) (Similar)

Any one else just over winter? I am so ready for spring and warmer weather. Michigan keeps playing tricks on us by giving us a warm day here and there and then the following day just dumping snow. Typical Michigan, I suppose. But with all of the spring clothes starting to come out, it just gives me the itch for spring even more. I am LOVING all the spring florals that are coming out and this shirt is no exception. I am hoping that maybe if I start wearing more springy clothes that the warmer weather will come a little bit faster (a girl can dream, right?). The day we took these pictures, while cold, we had zero snow. Now, we have about 3-5 inches. Ugh, so over it! Anyways, I will continue to don the florals and encourage Mother Nature to get her butt moving to the warmer weather days where we can play at the beach and frolic in the sand.

Update on House: Still no closing date. I know, I know. I keep promising more updates and I have nada. We are currently waiting on some built-in’s to be build and installed and they are taking a bit longer than anticipated. Are we surprised? Not one bit. But frustrating none the less. I am still moving ahead on picking out furnishings. Would you guys want to just see a collage of things I have already purchased? Unfortunately, we can’t quite buy the big stuff like couches, tables and such because we have no where to put them currently. I am hoping that within the week we get a confirmed closing date, but only time will tell. So, stay tuned! I hope everyone has an awesome week and an even better weekend ahead!

Love, Chelsea Lynn

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